How to Deactivate a Straight Talk Phone?

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OK. Complicated. ive been trying this all day. Somebod y gave me a straight talk phone, i at the moment can not get in touch with them. i CURRENTLY am using a straight talk phone. I need to know how to deactivate the phone that was given to me without the account online because i lost contact with the person who gave me the phone. my current phone is broken but i have access to my online account associated with it. how do i deactivate the phone that was given to me, preferribly within tonight. PLEASE HELP

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4 Answers

  • There is no way to deactivate a Straight Talk phone, if you are not the original buyer/activator, without passwords and such. Straight Talk has that as their policy, to try and cut down on phone thefts.

  • Deactivate Straight Talk Phone

  • How do I swap straight talk phones with a friend of mine. We both have Straight talk phones and own accounts

  • Hope this helps!

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