how to get carmax to waive transfer fee?

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7 Answers

  • You don’t. Carmax won’t waive anything.

    Go buy your car at a real dealership instead of one that pretends you are their best interest.

    Carmax is overpriced on 95% of their vehicles and they won’t negotiate anything. No thanks. If I want to pay retail, I can go anywhere.

  • Carmax Transfer Fee

  • It costs Carmax money to transfer vehicles between stores. Why shouldn’t you have to pay that?

  • They wont. That is an expense you are directly costing them.

    They aren’t going to send cars all over the country just so one person can take a test drive and say no thanks.

  • Thankyou all for your replies and opinions.

  • Yeah it might be right

  • u cant.

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