How to get rid of fleas on a ferret???

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I have a ferret, dog and cat. I have the fleas pretty much controlled on my dog and cat…flea collars…I do not know how to get rid of the fleas off my ferret. I give him a flea bath at least once a week and wash his bedding and cage once a week. I don’t let him run around in the house right now until we can fumigate and have the carpets cleaned. Pleaes help! I feel so bad for him!

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  • I’ve had ferrtes before. 3 at one time. They live in close proximity to each other so they caught everything the other had, incliding fleas. Remember, they are similar to kittens in the way they act and their digestion. Get a product specificly designed for them, or one that is gentle enough for kittens if ferret supplies are in short supply where you live. So, any of those VET APPROVED spot application flea products which are designed for kittens will do. (Don’t use the Hartz brand that is sold in most stores, it almost killed my cat) Remember when you fumigate and clean the carpets to keep in mind the sensetivity ferrets have to harsh chemicals. hope this helps.

  • The vet will have a product called advantage or revolution that you can use on him/her, the over the counter medications are VERY bad for a ferret and giving him/her a flea bath once a week is too much the flea medication will build up on him/her and if it is continued will eventually kill your ferret, they are little and can not handle very much flea medication at all. Be sure that you let the vet know you have been giving flea baths so you do not get overdosed on flea medication, they will interact with each other. Good Luck

  • Thats one for your vet. I heard flea collars are not good. I just started using ADVANTAGE. Get it at the Vets, a few drops on your dog and cat, kills the fleas, cause

    their still hopping around. The Vet should tell you if

    the ferret needs this too. It works great. Discuss with

    Vet that you want to buy the largest dose and only use the

    recommended amount of drops on each animal. This way you

    will Save alot of money! Bathing only works at that moment

    and too much drys out their skin. Its important to ask how many drops on each animals back, when you buy the largest

    dose. Cost about $13.00 and keep it in refrigerator after

    opening (standing upright so it doesn’t leak). Good Luck!

  • It is good that you have your cat and dog flea problem under control, but, You also need to buy a can of flea spray that your vet sells. This is safe, and you spray it on your carpets, and furniture, as well as your pets’ bedding. This will greatly help with your flea problem for your ferret. You also should see if you can put advantage on him. Go to your local vet. I don’t know what your budget is, but, I am here to tell you from experience, the store bought flea products do not work (very long), and some are dangerous for your pets.

  • break of day dish cleansing soap might help, yet its no longer preventative. i take advantage of 8-in-a million small animal flea spray and. 0.6% pyrethrins is risk-free for small animals. What extremely helps is flea combing on a daily basis to maintain the numbers down and flea bomb the abode in case you may by way of fact the ferret will proceed to %. up fleas by way of fact its so low to the floor.

  • have u checked him for live fleas?it could just be the bites that r still itching..if there r no fleas on him then he needs something to soothe the itch..try bathing him in a lavender bath..will soothe the itches and keep fleas away..

    ask ur vet about putting a puppy flea powder or collar on him.

  • talk to your vet (you may not even have to go in for an appointment….and you should have a vet for your little one) about what’s okay to use. Because some products are meant for larger animals…dogs and cats, and ferrets could recieve a toxic dose of the medication contained in collars/wipes/even baths.

  • get a flea spray for the bedding and housing of your ferret,and also, give them a kitten flea dip or shampoo, if you have none, then use dawn dish soap, works as well.

  • they make a brand called bio spot, it is the liquid kind you put on it’s back, and it also comes w/wipes, a 6month supply i think. buy it at petsmart or, under small pets

  • Go to a vet or the pet store where you got him/her. They should be able to tell. Or if you kind’ve lazy, go online.

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