How to hide a HICKEY from my parents?????? pls help?

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I had a little fight w/ my bf and he nibbled &ꜱᴜcκed my neck really hard!!!

He did this on purpose, trying to get me into trouble…………

coz my parents are gonna kill me :((( I tried everything like ice, covering it up with concealer, but its still pretty visible!!!!!! I cant wear a scurf in the summer………

Any good excuse?? Can I tell them its a **mosquito bite** ????

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  • If you have long enough hair just make sure to keep it to one side (whichever side has the hickey). If you have a close relationship w/ your parents you could just tell them “Hey, my bf got mad at me and did this just to make you guys mad” but from what I’m hearing that probably wont work. The best you can do right now is put a spoon in the freezer then put it on the hickey until your parents get home, then try to cover it up with some concealer, and put your hair over that area. After doing that you could try asking if you can go to a friends house for a few days and then when the hickey almost gone go back home. If none of this works, and your parents find out, the best thing you can do is just tell them the truth.

  • I just got a huge *** purple one last night and its gone this morning – take a tube of chapstick with the lid on and twist it around on the hickey…it’ll dissolve the bloodvessels, do this for a while all around the hickey in combination with an icepack/something frozen and using a hard bristled brush and brush down, not down and up, just down and then down again for a while.

    mine went from black/purple to very light pink (easily covered up with makeup so its not visible at all) overnight after doing all this after i got it.

    Source(s): just had one last night
  • why would i have to hide a hickey from you parents? i don’t even know them.

    (use a regular hair comb and gently comb it to bring down swelling.)

  • You could say you hurt yourself or cover it up with make up. 🙂

  • Nope, ur buster!

  • yea you can, this kinda scarf:…

    or you can wear high collared shirts 🙂

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