how to kiss in school without getting caught?

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okay, so me and boyfriend really want to kiss in school, like its not our first kiss

but we get a little thirsty for each other at times, our school is extremly small with

relly less ppl, like you can imagine having 20 students in each 5 class room school

there are no hidden places that we can go, but at times, the hallways are dark, and no ones there.

me and him tried it once, we were huggin fortuntaely, because once a women who worked in the school, came and saw me huggin, then my prinicipal called me, long story, i made a reasonable excuse but anyways, i need some advice like how should i? because im extremly scared of gettin caught again, nd my boyfriend doesnt like me gettin afraid over this. so we always plan it buh because of my fear, we end up doin nuthin. i dont like other ppl involved wen im with my bf, like in a private situation, like i dont like his friends keeping a lookout, so it jus has to be between me and him, and plz dont say dont do it, cuz we dont see each other anywhere.

so please tell me some sneaky ways to not get get caught.

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  • You know, its hard to get all touchy with your boyfriend/girlfriend when your at school. Trust me, I know. A boy and a girl were making out in the school’s locker room at my school. And they were caught in the school video camera (I hate those things). Fortunately for them, the camera wasn’t able to get their faces. So know one knows who did it.

    Now if you really don’t care about getting caught, then ok, I’ll give you some pointers. First off, don’t try to make out in the bathrooms or in the hallways, even if know one is there. Those are the most conspicuous places you can be spotted on the camera. You might wanna try other places. Like for example, if your school was having a dance then that’s a good chance. Or maybe at the end of the day. When everyone is gone.

  • I can realate because this once happened to me b4 and trust me I was scared of getting caught 2 and I can t see him anywhere else unless there is a party or sumn…… But anyways now we just wait till the end of the day bc we are always playing around during the day and we dont have all of our classes together and that way u wont get caught or if you aren t on school grounds u can t get in trouble like if you go across the street or sumn… I hope I helped

  • Don’t kiss her anymore at school! I didn’t know kissing was now off limits at school… I was a teacher’s aid during my study halls & my teacher whom I was the aide for was also the coach for the Senior boys basketball team… I use to fold & do uniforms in the boys locker room & my older bf could get passes in the hall or excused from class to get drinks & he would come visit me there… I woulda been horribley embarrased had that teacher came in to see how I was doing even though it was just kissing… didn’t even think of that at the time… blush blush… silly young ‘uns! Best to you & your school year & keep it respectable with your girlfriend! =) lol w/the what type of kiss? …it may seem from your wording that it was the longer type of kiss not the peck! Ya think we’d all be embarrassed to do that type of kissing where others can see you, usually that’s not done w/an audience unless it’s your, “you may now kiss your bride” kiss! ha ha…. funny how you’ll/we’ll/ppl will give those long deep kisses with everyone just watching them… I guess you just don’t think about it then cuz it’s natural/normal & expected!

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  • well, i have a girlfriend and we kissed once at the end of the day, but if you are desperate then ill suggest to do it locked at a toilet where people mostly never walk, or behind a corner where people don’t walk 🙂

  • Go to washroom and lock the door inside one of the toilet than you can achieve your kiss. No disturbance.

  • On the tv show My So-Called Life, Angela and Jordin always snuck away to the boiler room. you could try that.

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  • just kiss in the class room when the teacher not looking

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