How to make my ex-friend jealous. BEST AWNSER PLEASE RESPOND :)?

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Okay i was at my bff’s party we met in fifth grade and have always been close until i got into a fight with her and our mom’s wont let us see eachother again. the next day she posted a blog saying she hated me. Now we are in seventh grade and she is really popular, but i dont feel confident.And i tried to make up with her but they said they really didnt like me at all.Now they laugh and talk about me please tell me how to make up with them or make them jealous! 🙂

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  • I’ve been in similar situations when I was younger, and from experience neither of the questions that you are looking for the answer to are going to help you. The people that you are referring to aren’t worth making up with if they laugh and talk about you, they’re not worth your time. But trying to make them jealous won’t work unless you do it naturally. Just ignore them & get on with your life, make new friends & have fun, concentrate on you rather than focusing on others, if you keep yourself happy, that alone will make them envy you.

  • This happened to me. My ex best friend left me for another friend. She wanted me to feel deppressed about this. I tried so hard to be friends with her again but she woudnt let me. So first thing i did was that i gave up and decided to find a new best friend now i have more friends than my ex best friend now 🙂 iam so happy without her now. Then one day she just started to get jealous of me because iam having a way better life without her. So shes bragging about her lifestyle in snapchat. She wanted to show me how much better she was than me. So i did the same. I bragged in snapchat and shes just trying so hard every single day. Even though we both know iam better 😉 my advices are for you to move on first. second find new friends. Third just be happy dont mind her. Your too good for her. There are more better people than her in the world. Just make new friends. And if their talking bad about you tell a teacher & dont mind them. I hoped this helped & sry for the long story lol

  • You should just get new friends and I always laugh whenever she looks at me and my pals. Everyday at school, I pass my ex-friend in the hall way and I always go next to one of my new friend and start a conversation to make her jealous. She is considered non popular (no friends) and I am considered popular.

  • Actually… the same thing happened to me!

    Just go to her, and say “Okay, listen, I know you don;t like me, probably not at all, but we have been friends for a long time, now, you don’t have to get back to together, or whatever, but could you at leasts reduce thawfulfl things you say about me? I don’t say things about you that often.” Then wait for her response. Taa-rust me, it will be soo hard to do, but in the end, it may be worth it :D!

    <3 Devyn!


  • You should just act like you dont care and then become really good friends with one of her friends and then convince that friend of her’s to hate her. Then go out with her ex boyfriend. That should get her fired up.


    get a friends who can agree to pretend as your bff

    laugh and talk, and even hug.

    give her some gifts

    and make sure she does the same thing

    also make sure you’re doing it in front of that dirtbag!

    Source(s): did it once. my bff came running back to me, and i explained how much i’m hurt and the reason why i did it. and we’re stronger than ever
  • ok well first of all DON’T try to make up with them… who needs them!

    that willl just make her want to hate and push you aroud!

    you should make real friends!

    wdon’tont you feel confident? you can do whatever you want!!don’tont mind them just be who you are and dont try to be like them because then other people will talk bad about you 🙂

  • woww, im sorry i went through something sort of simliar.

    if you want to make up with them i guess just try to work things out,

    as for working her/them jealous just show them that your doing fine without them, like your happier now than you were then. (:

  • Firt with people give hugs to other ppl talk really lound when your exfriend pass you about really cool stuff;_ylt=AjTbU…

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