How To Make My Magnetic Earrings Stop Hurting?

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I Don’t Have My Ears Pierced So I Use Magnetic And Clip On Earrings. But I Can’t Have Them On For More Than An Hour Without Them Causing Pain To My Earlobes. Is There Any Way I Can Stop This Pain Without Having To Take The Earrings Off?

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  • Maybe the type of magnetic earing’s are hard and harsh? Try splashing out a bit for some more expensive ones. You can also get little pads to wear under the earings to stop the pain. You should be able to purchase them from places that sell earings, Claires, Acsessorize,

  • The only thing that holds magnetic and clip on earrings on your ears is friction, so the earrings have to pinch your ears to be tight enough to stay on. The only way to stop the pain from those styles of earrings is to take them off. If you want to wear earrings there are two good choices. One is to get your ears pierced. Earrings for pierced ears are so comfortable you can easily forget you are even wearing them. The other choice is to find some screw on earrings for ears that are not pierced. These were popular about 50 years ago, but now the only place you are going to find them is at tag sales, flea markets and possibly Salvation Army and Goodwill stores.

  • unless you are a 3 year old girl, there’s absolutely no reason to wear magnetic earnings. Do you draw on a tattoo every morning with a sharpie too? They probably hurt because your ears are tired of you being a pansy.

  • well, yeah, get them pierced. it doesnt hurt i dont see why you would wear fake ones. my boyfriend is terrible with pain, and i pierced his ear lobes and he didnt budge.

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