How to make rice from Chinese takeaway?

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Whenever I get a Chinese takeaway I always get fried rice. I’m looking to try to make it at home. It’s the rice that has no veg and egg and is just plain rice.

3 Answers

  • You need to use already ‘boiled’ rice that has cooled down completely, then just ‘stir fry’ in your preferred ‘oil’, Its better done in a ‘tempered’ wok, make sure its thoroughly cooked and hot right through!. 

  • The ingredients are easy, the method is very hard.

    They use a cast iron Wok that is extremely hot and know exactly what amounts and cook time.

    I have tried for years and it NEVER tastes as good.

    They use different rice than you buy at the local grocery stores and it’s never fresh.

    It’s cooked ahead of time and kept in the cooler to use the next day.

  • Look up  a fried rice recipe on and just leave out the veggies and eggs. Basically it would just be fried rice in soy sauce with a little bit of sesame oil.

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