How to pass the perosnality test for AMC theater application?

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My friend and I have applied for a job at AMC theater on the same date. Few days later he gets a call about a job offer and I get nothing. Did I fail the personality test? How do I pass it? Please help. Btw im 17,he’s 16.

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  • at amc if your answers don’t add up to a certain score than the application won’t even be considered. of course there are other reasons why you might not have been accepted. they hire based on the number of hours they need. if you didn’t have the right availability you might not have gotten considered or they might have filled that need with your friend.

    as long as you answered the questions normally then they probably didn’t need you. they can’t take everybody

  • Um that probably was the problem because some of those tests are tricky and if you don’t pass no call.

    As far as passing it well just try to answer all the questions the same like if they ask you if it’s right to steal from work of course you answer no. Then they might ask if you have ever stolen something make sure you say no again. And when they ask team work questions make sure you answer that you are all for teamwork. That you would rather work in a team then alone. Trust me it works. Good Luck!

    Source(s): Filling out tons of jobs applications and taking tons of personality tests.
  • They made you take a formal personality tst for a movie theater? Just be yourself, that’s how you pass the test. If they didn’t hire you, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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