how to ruin someones hair?

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i want to mess uo someones hair how do u

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  • I think anything you would do to someone hair would mess their hair up.

    Revenge doesn’t work, karma comes back on you. If someone has done something bad to you it will come back on them, without you having to lower you self to their level to get back at them. I don’t think if someone knows you are mad at them they will give you a chance to mess their hair up.

    Let it go and move on. The stress isn’t worth it.

    I had a girl turn me away from the mirror and cut one side of my hair 4″ shorter, than the other side. I only wanted a slight trim, she was jealous of my long hair and messed it up. I wanted to shave her head bald. I was scared once I started on her I wouldn’t stop and I she wasn’t worth getting in trouble for.

    Source(s): Hair stylist 22 years
  • Get some scissors and just cut a huge chunk of the hair where it’s more noticeable. Maybe the the front near one of the ears.

  • pretend to be all nice and figure out what hair cut would look the worst and talk them in to it or jut be like if they want to dye their hair get the wrong color but get the one the person ants and switch them and mes up their hair or if its like in school and to have them for a class sit behind them and cut a big chunk of it put stuff in it like glue lol and windex makes it fall out and bleach will ruin it for sure… HOPE IT HELPS LOL

    Source(s): meee
  • get regular bleach and pour it in their hair, it’ll do two things. 1. make the hair white/green and 2. make it fall off 😀

  • **** you.

    Im sorry but as a girl if someone ruined my hair I would be ******* infuriated .

    If its a boy .well i would still be . but be careful that person would probably be looking for revenge after. if you do this.

    and if its a girl she’d probably kill you.

  • נᴀcκ oғғ in their hair

  • put nair in their shampoo bottle-makes it fall out

    cut their hair(bad)-unevenly cut and ugly

    pour bleach on it/in their shampoo bottle-white or green hair and makes it fall out

    Source(s): heard it on the radio lol
    why do would you want to ruin someones hair though!?
  • thats really mean….hair is somthing most people are very attached to and it affects their self confidence so i would re-consider doing that…. even if they were mean to you

  • You know if they find out it’s you you can be charged with assault, right?

  • put gum in it. why do ya wanna do that fo?

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