How to say live laugh love in french?

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I took 3 years of french in high school but yet i hardly remember anything! haha. it was mostly a goof off class..but anyways I am getting a tattoo soon and I want to know how to say “live laugh love” in french. I want like each individual word..not like a sentence because I am going to put each diff word on a diff edge of the tattoo design.

thanks for all your help!

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  • Vivre, Rire, Aimer is fine, but those literally mean To Live, To Laugh, To Love because they aren’t conjugated.

    if you you wanted it to tell people to Live, Laugh, and Love, then it would be:

    Vis, Ris, Aime (you! live, laugh, love)


    Vivons, Rions, Aimons (let us all live laugh and love)


    Vivez, Riez, Aimez (you (plural) live laugh love)

    but there is nothing wrong with the non-conjugated versions 🙂

    Source(s): speak french… kind of. 🙂
  • I don’t speak French, and I think the two people who posted ‘vivre, etc.’ are right as far as words go, but I think it would make more sense semantically to use the imperatives instead of the infinitives. See if either of those two can post that for you, or you can ask over in the Language section what the imperative forms of the three verbs the other two answerers posted are.

  • life is beautiful live laugh love in french

  • You would probably use all three verbs in their infinitive form:

    Vivre. Rire. Aimer.

  • Vivre, rire, aimer.

  • agreed about the imperative – you want to say “live, laugh, love” not “to live, to laugh, to love”




  • i donno but i no how to say peace love chocolate if ur iterested… ma name!!

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