how to say “Seoul, Korea” in Japanese?

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I know that the Japanese pronounce seoul as souru (correct me if I’m wrong) but how do you say “seoul, korea” or like “the city seoul which is located in korea”

something around that.

is it like korea no seoul? XDD

please help!

2 Answers

  • Yep, you’re right.

    “Seoul, (of) Korea” = 1) 韓国のソウル or 2) 韓国のソウル市

    1) Kan-koku no So-ru

    2) Kan-koku no So-ru Shi (‘shi’ = city)

    Other examples…

    3) アメリカのフロリダ州 / Amerika no Furorida Shu.

    = The state of Florida in the U.S.

    4) アフリカのケニア / Afurika no Keniya.

    = Kenya, of Africa.

    To say “I visited Seoul in Korea” in Japanese,


    Watashi wa Kan-koku no So-ru ni ikimaѕнι𝓉a.

    Seoul in Japanese is pronounced “So-ru”.

    “Souru” would sound just as fine, as long as you pronouce the “ru” part clearly. : )

    Source(s): native
  • Literally ソウル、韓国(souru, kankoku) but it is usually said “韓国のソウル(kankoku no souru)” or “韓国、ソウル(kankou, souru)”.

    Source(s): mother tongue

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