How to say sun in different languages?

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It doesn’t have to be sun it could be sunshine or something else to do with the sun. I am just curious.

If anyone has any nice/pretty sounding ones please tell me them.

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  • Sun : Matahari in Indonesian/Malaysian/Bruneian.

    Sinar Mentari or Cahya Mentari : sunlight, I think those are quite poetic .

    Surya, this is a borrowed word from Hindi.

    Hi (pronounced ‘hee’) is Japanese word for sun, sunlight, and sunshine.

  • Hindi:

    Sun- Soorya, Sooraj, Ravi (All also names)

    Sunlight – Dhoop

    Rays of sunlight – Sooraj ki kirane

    Assamese(Another language of India):

    Sun – Beli

    Sunlight/Sunshine – Rodali (it is also a name)

  • Sol-in Spanish

    Soleil-In French

    Sole-in Italian

    And that’s about it 😛 I dont know any more languages!

  • Soleil is sunlight in French.

    Sol — Latin

    Helios — Ancient Greek

    Araw — Filippino

    Sul — Welsh

    Aurinko — Finnish

    Sunce — Croatian

    Sol — Danish

    Päike — Estonian

    Just for a few…

    Source(s): Own language knowledge, foreign language dictionaries
  • Hawaiian: lā. Lā also means day.

    The name of the famous mountain Haleakalā means house

    of the sun.

    Hebrew: shemesh. שמש

    Finnish: aurinko

    Swahili: jua

    Icelandic: sól

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Солнце ( Russian) Sol ( Spanish) Sole ( Italian)

  • Sun/sunlight

    Portuguese: sol/luz do sol

    Galician: sol/luz do sol

    Spanish: sol/luz del sol

    Catalan: sol

    Swedish: sol/solsken

    Danish: sol/solskin

    Norwegian: sol/solskinn

  • In korean its 태양 (Tay-Yang) Romanized as TaeYang

    Vietnamese its Mat Troi (Sorry I don’t know how I can explain the Vietnamese accents)

    Source(s): I’m Vietnamese and I’ve learned a few Korean phrases and words.
  • güneş : sun

    güneş ışığı : sunlight

    in turkish

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