How to Update a Pirated Sims 4 Game?

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 I’m wondering is there any way to update a pirated Sims 4 game? I pirated the entire Sims 4 with all the packs a few months ago. Its game version is I wanna download the basᴇмᴇɴtal drugs mod for the game but it only works if the Sims game is up to date. So yeah if there’s a way to update the game, could someone please let a mf know how to go abou that? lmaoo thank you 🙂 (Or maybe somewhere to download an older version of the basᴇмᴇɴtal drug mod?)

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3 Answers

  • If you’re pirating games, you can’t expect to come to this site and ask for help for your illegal activities. If you can’t figure this out, then you shouldn’t be pirating.

  • discussing illegal activity is against the rules of this website.

  • Buy the game legally, and then update.

    You really think people are stupid enough to help you steal?

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