How to use tanning oil?

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I have freakishly white skin, so I was wondering about tanning oil.

I tan at the speed of a fingernail, I really can’t tan. And without sunscreen I burn easy.

Could anyone give me tips on….

How to use it,

What kind to use,

And where I can get it for under 15 dollars.

And anything else I should know. 🙂

4 Answers

  • I think you should get this amazing stuff that lasts for three days! [I clearly know how you feel, but since I’ve been puting it on all the time, I have a gorgeous tan] Its called Coppertone Sunless Tanning, Autobronzant, Gradual Tan. It is 12.00$ Canadian at Walmart, but if you live in the US, it will be cheaper. Whenever using tanning cream or oil [ oh, and this stuff it cream, oil won’t work as good] never put it on the sides of your face, beside your eyes, on you eyebrows, on you shin/knee cap, on your ankle, and put a little on your nose. There it one explanation for that, I don’t know why, but when you put it on these places, the tanning cream will become darker that the surroundings. I love tanning cream, I use it all the time, and when you buy it, you’ll use it all the time to.

    All the best for tanning lovers, Addison.

  • Im the same exact way. But I do use tanning oil. I use Hawaiian tropic its about 8 dollars and you can find it at a drugstore or walmart. Its also moisturizing and smells really good. I rub it all over my body and tan on each side for about 15 minutes. I do it about twice a week and im gradually getting tanner. But make sure you put on a good coat of it.

  • The other comment about using sunscreen is a good idea, but I know you can get like banana boat products, like tanning oil and sunscreen so you could try those at like rite aid or a drug store. You could also try a christmas tree shop, i don’t know if you have those, but I got some realllly cheap there like $4.00!

    But you may also want to try like Jergens “natural glow” or something lotion, that gives you a gradual tan and its a daily moisturizer too, so you could try both those things and hopefully get a little darker that way 🙂

  • you should just put on sunscreen… it protects you from getting burned and you should still tan.. thats what i did i used to be reallly white and i didnt want to wear sun screen cause i wanted to tan but i always burned and it pleed away so just put on some sun screen and youll be fine(:

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