How u respond when someone says happy thanksgiving?

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7 Answers

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  • I’ll say Thank You and to stretch the conversation I’ll

    ask if they think one day if people all over the world will have enough to eat ?


    “There will be food shortages.” (Matthew 24:7) Researchers say that food production has increased greatly during the past 30 years. Nevertheless, food shortages continue because many people do not have enough money to buy food or land on which to raise crops. In developing countries, well over a billion people have to live on an income of a dollar or less a day. The majority of these suffer from chronic hunger. The World Health Organization estimates that malnutrition plays a major role in the deaths of more than five million children each year.

  • Happy thanksgiving….just like that

  • Thank you happy thanksgiving to u and ur family also

  • Same to you.

  • right back at yah!

  • “Thanks, you too,”…? What else? Happy Halloween?

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