How would a person respond to the question “how art thou”?

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and how would that person respond by asking the same of the other person?

Are there any good resources for elizebethean english?

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  • romeo and juliet anyone

  • How Art Thou

  • Art’s been down with the croop, but all the rest of the Thous

    are in good health. So how’s yer kinfolk gettin along ?

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  • Thou art fine Thank You, and art thee be fine also?

  • fine and thou.

    we spoke this way when for a while way back when, I participated in a group called …? something something for creative acromizims. or something like that

  • ” Fine , thank you “.

  • I believe the appropriate response would be:

    “I am a geek, and thee?”

  • fine, i say!

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