Hows your night going?

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I just keep asking the same questions over and over…

My night is fine but im annoyed…

My mom just started the dish washer without putting any soap in… i bet it will be my fault when the dishes arent clean…im sick of this crap

Cinnamon: hang in there

poetryz! :): Same here…

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  • then you feel like throwing a dish at her huh?

    yeah…i wouldn’t advise that..

    my day was okay…but a little bit before coming home, I slipped into a hole of self loathing again…and I can’t seem to get out..

    Oh well….

  • Night?

    It’s 11:12 AM!

    Okay, I guess it isn’t yet round where you live because

    I bet 2 bags of precious liquorice that you don’t live

    in Germany!

  • – I fell asleep at 6pm and awoke just after midnight [it’s now 4am] and I have to go to school tomorrow – my sleeping patterns are messed up and I won’t be able to concentrate.

    – I’m in a foul mood.

    – I’ve given up smoking and I’m having cravings… urgh.

    So all in all my night is going great!


  • Go stop the dishwasher, put soap in it, then turn it back on again. My night is fine thank you.

  • My night is going very well. I think I’m hitting it off with someone, I hope so at least.

  • Good night so far but can’t wait till Friday

  • It’s going wonderful. I am going to go to sleep soon. I need to be well rested because tommorow i will be driving for the first time! Wish me luck!

  • pretty good.

    i’ve met a new friend :]

    awe..dont be upset. :[

    just stop it && add you want have to hear nagging && sleep in peace/

  • life is stressful mine is impossilble but you gotta make the best of it & laugh

  • To be completely honest, IT STINKS!!! 🙁

    I’ve been stuck indoors all day and i have no life and my life is boring and did i mention i have no life!!

    I’M A LOSER!!!!!!!! 🙁


    Hope you had a better day!!


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