i am 18, and i was wondering if i could walk into walmart and buy margarita mix? or would they try to ID me?

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  • The mix should be non-alcoholic so you should be fine.

    Some people buy those mixes for punch and drinks that don’t contain alcohol.

  • I’ve never tried, but as long as it doesn’t actually have alcohol in it they shouldn’t be able to stop you. I’d just call Wal-Mart and tell them I was making vιʀԍιɴ margaritas and resolve the matter over the phone before taking the trip. It’s a gray enough issue that if it didn’t work at one store it would probably work at another. Like I said, I don’t fathom them stopping you, but then again when I was 17 Spencer’s Gifts wouldn’t sell me a shot glass that I wanted to get my dad for his birthday.

  • This mix is non-alcoholic so no ID would be required. I live in a “Dry” county and our Walmart sells it. Same with Bloody Mary mix. I like to drink it without the Vodka.

  • No,margarita mix is non-alcoholic because they just sell the flavouring without the alcohol

  • Believe it or not they might try to ID you. If involves adding alcohol it might be a problem. Just like if your under 18 they will give you a problem buying a lighter.

  • If you’re in the US and it’s alcoholic then I suggest you go into a smaller less reputable store and buy it there.

    If you’re in the UK then you’ll be fine either way.

  • mix has no alcohol in it

  • you can cause there isn’t any alcohol in it

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