I am 22 yrs old and have chest pain OFTEN?

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I am a single mommy, college student and worker. Everyone says stress but I am good about controlling it. I am a little overweight and I am in the process of quitting smoking…(ie i’ve cut down A LOT) I uste to always get pains in my left side (rib cage going around to sternum) exactly 2 wks b4 my period….now i get it whenever, w/o warning. I am healthy and faily active….My doc ALWAYS said plerasey but I’m begning to worry. It hurts and it scares me. It’ll go away and I’ll be fine then a week later it’ll come back and last a while…then go away then come back the next day….it really varies….WHAT is it? (ps I’m going to the doc again to poss. do a stress test??)

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  • It is safe to asume it is heart related, you need to start eating a heart healthy diet, lower your blood preasure, the heart is a pump with many arteries and veins coming and going , the high presure inside stretches it out making it hurt. it cant pump as well under high presure. Unclog the arteries by reducing fat intake and smoke has tar that coats the inside of the arteries making them brittle and stretchy expanding them and making higher presure inside. slow your smoking gradualy then quit. cold turkey is good too. the doctors will not tell you that it is your heart at your age they will say it is gas, acid reflux, anxiety, or something else. but anxiety only causes chest pain when there is an underlying heart problem. gas is associated with foods that are high in fat and salt. or( high blood presure). same with acid reflux. get a good book on heart smart diet. fruits and vegies are the best.

    the stress test can damage your heart they have you walk on a treadmill, then they turn the machine faster till you are running and wait till you complain of pain to stop the test. by the time you feel pain your heart is being damaged… or the technitian does not listen to you and they keep you running through the pain. the stress test is a bad idea. ask for an echo cardiagram instead. Refuse the stress test. I took one a year ago and it enlarged my heart. i have been is constant pain since, with a severely enlarged heart.


    Anxiety causes high blood presure

    Gas and acid reflux are caused by foods that cause high blood presure.

    High blood presure causes chest pain. by stretching the heart.

  • i have the exact same problem, and have been told that it was plurasy also, sometimes i get pain that feels like it is my actual heart and other times just in that area.. i have mitral valve prolaspe which could be to blame, id suggest getting an ekg, stress test, and maybe a chest x-ray, all can be done at the local hospital and take like an hour tops, plus they will draw blood to rule out a blood clot, which is highly unlikely.. anyway, ive made many trips to the ER, and while sometimes i feel like an idiot, i like being able to leave knowing that my heart is healthy and i am not having a heart attack.. do what you think feels right and good luck 🙂

    Source(s): personal experience
  • I’m not even trying to be funny but my mom used to have the same thing and they eventually found out it was gas. So she started taking charcoal tablets and the pain went away

    Source(s): My Momma!
  • sounds like stress…anxiety….♥░♥░■

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