i am a foot ƒᴇtıꜱɦ , i don’t know why i like women feet , and i m looking for the reason !?

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as long as i remember i loved feet

i dont know the reason

is it something in DNA and with person when he borns

or what ?

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  • its just something you like. there is nothing wrong with you. you know how some men like ßυʈʈꜱ or ҍօ.օҍs. some people like feet or legs, or eyes. some women like men to have big noses. i think some peoples feet are cute. some feet scare me. its all personal preference. there is nothing wrong with you, and it have nothing to do with your dna. it is just something that interests you, or turns you on and there is nothing wrong with that. every ones features are different that’s what makes people have an identity. and some peoples imperfections are what really makes them beautiful. everyone is beautiful in one way or another. if you think feet are beautiful, that’s great.

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