I am looking at a 2010 ford focus with 223000 miles on it already is it worth getting?

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Want 3700 for it

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  • NEVER buy a high mileage Ford

    They have weekly failures at 1/3 that mileage

  • No. Save your money for a vehicle with way less mileage.

  • Is it a rust bucket Ford?

  • Wow that’s almost to the moon! 3700 (£ or $?), is way too much even if everything had been replaced at least once.

  • Check and compare…with another car of the same year & SEE what the mileage is on it.  It will be different.  Now you are looking at 2 entirely different cars.  One is worn out and one ain’t worn out as much.   It is like going out with a girl who has flucked every football player on the team  … and the other girl has been with only 1 or 2.  One is tight and the other is not.  Which chick do you want to be with.?

  • That’s absurdly too much money for a high mileage car. For that age of car, a mileage total over 130,000 miles would be cause to question the deal.

  • yes for junk if its cheap enough ..give him $1,000 to take the junk .at 230,000 miles it needs a new motor , tire , brakes, new screen and that might make it drivable .tell him to get another sucker .

  • NO.  My personal rule is I never by a vehicle with more than 50,000 miles on it.

  • the mileage cars can do seems to have decreased.  They used to say diesel 250K and petrol 150K – but that was in 2000.

    In any case, that’s a big mileage.

    #3700 sounds ridiculous – shop around

    I got a brand new car in 2018 for £10,000 + 5 year warranty.  

  • A dealer would ask 1/2 that price and expect you to negotiate it down.

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