I am MAC nc15. What other foundations (preferably drugstore) would match me perfectly?

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Would revlon colorstay in Ivory match me?

I’m veeeeeeeeeeery pale hahaha.

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  • Try this tool from temptalia:


    This will match you to many foundations both high end and drugstore by using your MAC shade. This will take out the guess work out of many purchases.

    Good luck!

  • Mac Foundation Dupes

  • Ivory will be a close match to your skin tone.. So will be “Buff”..

    But to be very frank, people here can just tell you the possible matches.. However, it may not be the exact shade that would actually suit you.. You may end up with a shade either too dark or too light.. The best way to pick would be to actually go to a store and try out the testers yourself.. Carry your MAC foundation with you when you go, do swatches with the testers there and compare with your MAC, or apply different shades on either side of your face (If they allow you to) and see for yourself, with the help of makeup artist there, what suits you the best..

  • That’s the same color I use! I use maybeline Fit me liquid foundation or they have powder, i use the lightest at #110. When I want something cheaper i get that. Revlon to me has a yellow tone but you could try revlon.

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