I become mean when I’m with my crush. Why?

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I’m usually very shy and quiet around people, but with my crush I get some atitude and usually act mean/bossy, for example, one day he playfully blocked my way and I said with a smirk “What do you want huh?? HUH?? Want a fight, do you? Out of my way” and when he left I actually put him out of the building shooing him (it was a friend’s party, he could always enter again) I acted like this because he hadn’t given me any attention during the party. Why do I act so stupid? Is it normal to act mean when you love someone? I consider myself to be very sweet, I don’t get it, but I do show him my sweet side when I can….

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  • Omg! I used be just like that, im a girl btw..

    I used act mean and as if i didnt care, untill one day i lost someone i was really mad about over it!

    Its like your putting your guard up, if so consider why? and try get over it.

    whenever your mean, just say im only jokin/kiddin straight away after! try make a joke out of it, until eventually you stop being mean beacuse you’ll get to kno each other.. Hope this helps =)


  • Its cause you reaalllly like him and you don’t know how to take it all in. Then when he’s out of sight your like “dannngg whyyyy did I do that!!!! I’m totally acting like a bi#th”. I’m the same way too, ill roll my eyes and act bad but you will turn him off after awhile with all that attitude. Before that happens have in the back of your mind when your talking to him how much you don’t want to feel when you diss him.

  • Yeah it is natural. You’re teasing but you’re also being defensive about it. It is natural because it is safe. This way you won’t be rejected because you are acting confident. Unfortunately you need to learn to act confident and POSITIVE. Otherwise he will have to do all the work and you’re less likely to get what you want 😛

  • I’m the same way too. Your mean b/c you really like him. Your showing him more attention than you would any other guy. Its normal, once you become more comfortable with him it will change. You’ll find yourself being all lovey towards him.

  • HAHA perfectly normal! i do the same but not to that extent. haha i usually just beak him. hahaha just relax more and try smiling and complementing and dont see him as a crush just a really good friend that might happen to be a boy!!!!! haha hope i helped!

  • tsundere alert!!!

  • You’re mean because you like him.

    It’s like Helga from Hey Arnold ha.

  • I’ve done this before. Your afraid of him finding out.

  • You’re trying to hide your feelings, you dont want him to know he likes you. So you be mean to him so no one will find out, but secretly, you admire him. :p

    Answer my question please? 😀


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