I can not get this bottle of afrin nasal spray open! How do I do it?!?

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It says push down and turn and I have been doing that! (Yes I m turning it the correct way.) My boyfriend can t get it open either!

Is there some trick to it? What am I missing?! I googled it and found nothing! I can t be the only person on earth with this problem!

Please help! I can t breathe!

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  • First, you have to come to the realization that the bottle is not defective (neither are you), but rather the design is. Then, if you grow dark with rage, count to 10 and remember a happy place. Finally, when you calm down, get yourslf a pair of pliers and yank at the base of the top as hard as you can. After so much effort and multiple vocabulary repetition, you will come to realize that destiny has played another trick on you and there is a second chastity cap beneath the red one. With your last ounce of strength, cut the clear cap with your pliers (cut does not mean SLAM). Low and behold, you have achieved the unthinkable, you finally oƿє-ṅєd an Afrin Bottle.

    But wait, you just realized a miracle has happened! The objective of the ordeal is not to get your nostril around the bottle opening, but rather get you furious enough to where your bodily functions get worked up and start flowing everywhere. So now your nose is clear, and you have just come to the conclusion that you spend $10 for a decongestion spray, when you could have just smashed the heck out of a bottle cap for free, and you d be $10 richer.

    “The above guide has been paid for by your favorite neighborly decongestion spray company for your humorous well-being (please do not sue us)”

    Have a happy CLEAR day! 🙂

  • I recently purchased the 2/3 oz (20 ml) and couldn’t open the cap no matter how many different times I tried. I asked others for help. It almost became a contest with nobody a winner. My wife knowing I was having trouble with the 1sr bottle purchased a 2nd bottle from a different stone. (we had plan to return the 1st bottle) To our surprise the 2nd bottle was the same. I was so desperate (and mad) to use my nasal spray that I finally went to my work bench and use a cutter tool to open the sprayer Cut through the first cap (burgundy color) and had to slightly cut into the second cap (white). Yes, FINALLY I was able to unscrew the white camp and use my bottle of Afrin. Crazy I Know. I know this Afrin bottle was made with a child safety cap but maybe it should not include adult locking (out) safety cap. (Think of a person with Arthritis) It’s terrible idea for a safety cap.

  • I just discovered another way to open these terrible Afrin bottles. The instructions say to place the bottom of the bottle on a flat surface, and then push down on the cap while turning counter-clockwise. However, it is pretty much impossible to push down with the amount of force needed in a consistent manner while also turning the cap. But if you turn the bottle upside down, so that the top of the red cap is on the flat surface, and push down hard on the whole bottle, you will release the vacuum. It will hiss and a few drops of the spray will leak out because the bottle is upside down, but it is worth losing a few drops of the spray to get the bottle unsealed. Then once you see that the vacuum seal is broken, then while still holding the bottle upside down, twist it to open the cap. It is easy to twist at that point. I find it helps if you put a towel on the flat surface before starting this, so that the cap won’t slip around on the flat surface while you are performing this annoying feat.

  • I also thought I bought a defective one and so bought a second one and realized the cap has such a terrible design you can t open it. So I started searching online to see how others solved it. Finally after 30 minutes I got it open. The instructions say to push “down” while turning the cap. However, you need to also squeeze the fat serrated part of the cap while pushing, and it helps to hold the bottle sideways. There is too much vacuum pressure in the bottle. Pull and move it around while turning and eventually you will hear the vacuum release and it will open. Once you get it open, then subsequent use is fine – the cap goes off and one like you would hope. But overcoming the initial vacuum is terrible. Also, once you have removed the red cap, the configuration of the bottle nose is exactly like the old style. So if you have any empty old bottles around, you can use the old red caps on the new bottle – they fit just fine. So don t throw out your old empty – save the old cap if you prefer to use that style.

  • After 5 minutes of trying to open as instructed with no luck, I took vice grips and yanked the whole top off. Spilled some but poured the rest into an old bottle with a dropper I had. Now it’s just like the nose drops I used as a kid before they had the spray. What a ****** up design, I don’t get it

  • Alright, I too bought THREE bottles in a package at CostCo for $8.99 and thought wow, they are the larger bottles I have found the BUY of the year! Got them home and crap! I couldn’t open them!

    After reading all your great posts I got a pair of pliers and squeezed the bottom of the cap, turned and WhaLa! The cap came off.

    I then put the cap back on to test it and it was stuck again so after I got it off again I took the pliers, put the top part of the plier into the cap and the bottom on the outer edge of the cap and did a few “squeeze’s” around the inner part of the cap to push down on the little elements that lock the lid. It worked! Took all of two minutes.

    Try this and good luck. 🙂

  • This is horrible. – what a crappy design! I bought a bottle while at a hotel in Dallas, and simply couldn’t get the lid off. I had to take my corkscrew and screw a hole into the belly of the bottle just to get any Afrin out. As you can imagine, it was messy and ineffective. I bought a second bottle assuming the first was defective. Of course not. Its just a defective design. Having no tools in my hotel room I squeezed with my teeth while pushing down and got it to finally work EPIC FAIL!!!

  • We are in a hotel in Dallas, TX. My husband just stormed off in a fit of rage. Children are frightened. Husband returned with a victorious gleam. He was skipping proudly. A maniacal laughter gurgled from his very breath. I feel this might have been too much of an endeavor. And I quote, “I went down to the front desk. They only had a pair of crappy scissors. I slowly sawed off the red part only to reveal the safety cap underneath the red cap. I shaved it bit by bit until there was enough cap protruding for one’s nostril.” We are safe now. All are breathing. Children are finally at peace. Wife can breathe. Now must take Xanax after clearly traumatic event with Afrin bottle.

  • Grab the fat part of the cap with pliers while pushing up and turning the bottle several times around and it comes right off. I had to read this blog to do it as I was ready to take it back and get a “non defective” one. A new high(low) in safety caps. I was so mad I couldn’t breath I was going to tear the top off.

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