I can’t wait to die? honestly?

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i’m 23 and just been working in a warehouse since i graduated high school. I don’t really believe in anything and I make like 25k a year. i’ll just do this the rest of my life and live in an apartment and everyday I am just happy that I am another day closer to death and non-existence. I’m not really depressed or suicidal I just go with the flow and whatever. Can anyone relate? I don’t and won’t ever go see a therapist so please don’t say that, because i’m not going to kill myself I just can’t wait to be dead.

@holly yes i am a giant underacheiver how’d you know.

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  • In life, we search an find the things in life that can fill and satisfy the emptiness in our hearts. We find chores, responsibilities. Task or people. Little things that take up the most in our hearts. Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern that soon turns into boredom, loneliness and depression. We deny any aspect of wrong within us. And sometimes ppl become silent.. But still screams out for help. What im trying to say is. We have a purpose. Were on a journey. Whether it takes a couple of years or more. It could even take half a lifetime. (Time) something were told to spend wisely. Something we take for granted. We take our lifes for granted. When we feel like absolutely nothing is left inside of us. We turn to death. What is more worth than dying and gold?? .. The blessing of being able to wake up and breath.. This is not the end. U could have given up a long time ago. Instead think of the reasons u held on for so long. Ur life is worth a lifetime. “Lifes too short.. Gotta live it long

  • So they guy looks forward to not having to deal with the pain that is Life. I can totally relate. By now, I understand that I’m never going to be happy and I’ve come to grips with it. And that in itself has made me less unhappy. It’s acceptance that life isn’t an inspirational poster or a thing to be conquered. It’s just a matter of going through the daily crap until it ends. Maybe there’s something better on the other side, or maybe it’s just a return to non-existence.

    I also cringe at this silly notion that we can all be happy. It’s so absurd that it defies a second of rational thought. Between environment, genetics, physical and intellectual limitations, all coupled with each person’s individual and unique brain chemistry, the fact is that being happy isn’t a “choice.” If all one had to do was decide, “Hey, I’m gonna be happy” then we’d all be happy.

    For many, life is a slog and there are myriad reasons for that. So looking forward to the end and enjoying the fleeing moments of happiness that do occur (e.g. I do laugh every day about something) isn’t necessarily a symptom of sickness; it’s just an acknowledgment of truth about how some people really feel about life.

  • You’re not depressed but you can’t wait to die? You know how that sounds right. In my opinion you are severely depressed, you’re just used to it or you are denying it in some way. You don’t sound happy. If you decide you won’t try to get a better job or a house that’s on you, it’s quite possible to live a better life though. I’d imagine that’s the depression talking. You don’t need to be to the point of suicide to go see a therapist. Don’t wait that long. I will recommend seeing a therapist because it sounds like you need one and there is no shame in that whatsoever, take care of yourself and do what you need to do to be happy. Therapy could help, religion also. I don’t mean to push anything on you it just seems like you need a reality check that yeah something is wrong if you’re wishing for death.

    Some people accept death and believe that it’s where you find true peace (I believe that too) and I’m abnormally comfortable with the thought of afterlife. Death though, the experience scares me as much as it should but I find comfort in knowing that once I’m gone, no matter how bad things get, I will be at peace eventually. I surely don’t wish to die though, not yet, unless I’m depressed. When I am severely depressed I want to be completely non existent, without an afterlife just gone. So I can relate and it sounds like you’re depressed. I’m no doctor, that’s just what I think.

    God bless

  • Yo man I’m 55 and I’ve had 2 heart attacks and I have cancer in my mouth. I do not believe in the medical system so I wil not sign into treatment I’m going out in the same pieces I came in! I believe people should have the right to die when their ready provided ya have done some living,in your case I think ya might be jumping the gun a little.Do the best you can at what ever your doing and try to make the most of it!

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    I can’t wait to die? honestly?

    i’m 23 and just been working in a warehouse since i graduated high school. I don’t really believe in anything and I make like 25k a year. i’ll just do this the rest of my life and live in an apartment and everyday I am just happy that I am another day closer to death and non-existence….

  • Straight up dude, If you werent born into good circumstances or if you dont have crazy talents and skills that will land you a great job, you are going to hate life, I hate life most of these people on here sound like college yuppies, I know the struggle I know what it is like to feel like you suck at life so yeah man, I know what it is like to want to be dead, but I keep living regardless of how many jobs I get fired from how many girls I break up with how many things I stop doing because I get bored, I have gotten better at coping but I was highly highly depressed a couple years ago, point of near suicide.. you know what my mom told me, why dont you just do it then … literally so **** that just about makes a person feel as worthless as can be, I still live I am gonna attempt school one more time to become a paramedic before I seriously before a career criminal lol

  • Well since you’re not depressed or suicidal, you’re just a giant underachiever who is bored to death with your lifestyle that is stagnant. You’re wasting time that’s short because death is gonna show up sooner or later. Quit being boring and go out and do something new. You have nothing to lose, right? Go learn something exciting like Salsa dancing or go jump out of a plane with a parachute.

  • I’m there with you my friend. I don’t have the balls (literally ha!) to off myself… And I wouldn’t bc I have kids who still depend on me. But what’s the point? I have no extended family. We’ve had to move so much for the military I barely have a friend. There’s still so much suck to go though. I’m still relatively young. I still have old age, aches and pains, and ill health to look forward to. Lucky me. 😒

  • I Cant Wait To Die

  • I can relate. I been waiting for death since i was 16. now i’m 23

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