I drank water accidentally 5 minutes after sehri ended?

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I wasn’t aware of the time. I thought sehri ends around 4.35ish. So I drank water. I should have checked my timetable which I didn’t. Will it affect my fast ? 

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  • 7 billion people in the world and you believe that allah only watched you, how strange!

  • Keep on fasting, and make dua to Allah that you made a mistake without knowing.

    I suggest you to make up this fast after Eid. It is to be on the safe that your fast is counted. 

  • It doesn’t break your fast because islam gives every freedom it could.

    Says the prophet “Innamal amaloo binniyat” every deed or action is depending on your intention.

    It happened to me last year when i was falling asleep, Whilst Eating food i slept without even realizing that i am doing sahr. Then after athaan is being called, i woke up and swallowed things that are still I haven’t finished eating yet. 

    Since the fast during ramadaan is fard, it doesn’t break it as long as you don’t intend to break or eat.

  • first of all, ignore those disgusting cowardice jerks who have answered this question with sick ignorance, with slandering of the Islamic faith and incorrectly. Second, if you accidentally and unknowingly drank water, Ar-Rahman has given you the water to drink and your fasting is still valid. So, be thankful. User truthseeker is correct. Also, just don’t do things that can break your fasting, be nice to others, don’t cause fights, don’t insult or gossip about others, etc. These kinds of things you should watch out for and refrain from doing to protect your fasting for God.

  • I believe your fast is valid. No intent to break it and the only time that matters is what God accepts as legitimate. He is most Merciful and Forgiving. 

  • I’m sorry to say this breaks your fast. You need to do 60 CONSECUTIVE fasts AFTER Ramadan ends and if you break them you have to start over. 

  • You do that with out the intention to spoil your fast, then your fast still remain.Inshaallah

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