I HATE my body. Nothing looks good on me. What are the best clothes for my body type?

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I have a ton of clothes, but I often have to try on 4 or more outfits until I think I look anything but disgusting.

So what’s my body type, and how should I dress it?

These are my measurements : 40-30-37 (bust-waist-hips)

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  • i m not sure what the measurements mean, but i think you should wear whatever makes you feel good. if you dont like the outfits you have, go shopping with some friends and pick out some new clothes. you can ask for their opinions on what would look good on you. dont hate your body, if you dont like it, then go do something that will make you feel better: go do yoga or zumba, go to a mall and ask a lady at the makeup counter to do your makeup and see what looks good on you. good luck(: answer mine please?(:


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  • My measurements are close to yours!

    What I wear is is cute tank top or v necks. Never be shamed to show off your body.

    I wear stretch jeggings or leggings with a long top or a dress.

    For jeans what I do is buy the one with graphics or a logo on the back pockets, because it draws more attention to your back side. Then I top it off with a solid long sleeve or short sleeve white, black, or yellow v neck.

    To cover my arms I wear a cardigan, leather jacked, sweater, or a stylish hoodie.

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  • first off, never hate your body!!!!! even if not everything look good on you, you are beautiful and perfect in gods eyes. try shirts or dresses that narrowing at the waist line with elastic, cinching etc. this will accentuate you waist, and dont go for low cut, v neck shirts, given your bust size. 🙂

  • that sounds kind of like an appleshape what are you trying to cover about your body

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