i have an addiction to something totally legal( goody powders)?

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the only reason i take them is to get the adrenaline rush is there any other suggestions to something i can take less of and still feel the energy boost i don’t drink coffee or energy drinks they don’t help anyway and vitamins and b12 crap doesn’t work what else is ok to ask my doc for

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  • Addiction is a strong word, especially

    in this category.

    You aren’t getting an adrenaline rush,

    you are getting a caffeine buzz. Caffeine

    still a drug, and excessive use can cause

    health problems.

    Goody’s powders are APC, Aspirin 250mg,

    Paracetamol 250mg(other names are acetaminophen,

    APAP, or the brand name Tylenol),

    and Caffeine 65mg.

    The aspirin thins your blood so

    the caffeine can get to your brain.

    The aspirin and paracetamol are

    analgesics, and dull pain signals.

    Years ago, people would drink

    a caffeinated soft drink with a couple

    of aspirin for the same results.

    By saying energy drinks do not

    help you, perhaps might indicate

    minor dehydration, which is gotten

    around by the APC, which thins the blood.

    If you actually have ADD, Adderal

    may be what you could ask for. Most

    Drs. will not prescribe something

    for energy unless you have a history

    of narcolepsy. Asking a Dr. for a

    prescription is a good way to open the

    door for a world of trouble. Pill Seekers

    become very well known in the medical


    B12 is only effective if the patient

    has a deficiency. Those pills and drops

    usually pass through the system quickly.

    I recommend a good diet, fresh

    air and pure water combined with

    adequate sleep to maximize energy.

    Avoid over processed foods and excess

    sugar. Don’t use caffeine for at

    least six hours before bedtime.


    You are probably going to try the

    coca cola and aspirin thing, but

    don’t overdo it.

    Edit: Do NOT snort those Goody’s

    powders. The APC, and the fillers,

    can really mess up your sinuses.

  • Goodys Powders

  • I would suggest you ask your doc for ways to quit using drugs and start getting a life.

    There is way much more to life than Goody’s Powders.

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