I have been finding quarters everywhere. I was told that constantly finding coins can be a sign from deceased

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Can a loved one be trying to contact me from the dead. I have found many quarters all over…they are all around me, in my clothes, shoes, floor, street, etc.?

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  • I understand this means “fortune” that you will have lots of money in the future.

    Good luck

  • I have a friend who is a physic/medium and she swears that coins are a sign from our guardian angels. I believe her because for a while I was finding dimes, and a lot of them. I am now finding quarters all the time and in weird places. I also just started a new career as a writer and have put out several short stories on Amazon Kindle which should start making me some serious cash. I do believe that the angels are telling me that it is on it’s way.

    Wendy Richards

  • I’ve heard this. Some find only pennies and some find only dimes and some find only quarters. I just wish I’d start finding $100 bills. Because honestly, if you’re in the afterlife, you’d really have a lot of time on your hands and if you can find all these coins, I’d be scouting out the paper chase for my loved ones.

  • Yes, with all the physical attributes that the dead can claim to they are stealing coin from innocent victims just to drop at your feet. Maybe you should point out to them that there are many people in third-world countries who would appreciate the mysterious (or not so mysterious) accumulation of coin around their person. I’m sure your close ones would be selfless enough to comply to your humble request.

  • The Catholic church first got here up with the belief of the Trinity…Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That has prevailed in many Protestant faiths besides. Trinitarian denominations believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the comparable, all jointly, inseparable. this is asserted that there is not any scriptural beginning place for this, yet i’m no longer properly versed in scripture, so i would be unable to declare. i hit upon it a complicated concept to comprehend, because of the fact i believe that Jesus replaced into the Son of God, no longer God himself.

  • Departed souls do not roam around the Earth. They are either in hell or heaven. They are not in the galaxies some where. There was a woman who told that she heard her name being called everywhere she went. Sounds eerie! Well, if you keep on believing what you see and hear, you will soon end up in a half-way house.

  • I find quarters everywhere! I don’t deal with cash. I use cards. Where do they come from?

  • It may mean that you are letting money trip you up or get in the way of your search for what you’re really looking for…maybe you should focus less on money more on people.

  • Dimes are messages from your loved ones from Heaven, Pennies mean that someone is looking out for you from heaven and Quarters mean that some one you are close to that is in Heaven is letting you know that fortune will be coming your way soon. I know I have had each one of these things happen to me.

  • No it just means that alot of people lose them. I lose coins all the time you are just paying more attention.

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