I have lost my nokia 7610. I know its serial number. can I track the person who are using it with other SIM?

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What can I do now?

I had a talk with the service providers. They stopped out going calls from my SIM.

Can I track my phone?

3 Answers

  • Assuming that the person who stole your phone is going through the same cell phone that you did, when it was in you hand… yes it is possible. CALL THE POLICE, AND FILE A REPORT FIRST….

    Otherwise, the carrier will not do anything for you.

    The other thing is that the phone has to be ON and able to at least RECIEVE a signal, in order for the phone to be traced.

  • There aren’t really any tools available to the general public to do this. The phone company could and the police might be able to. You almost certainly can’t.

    You can do more than just have outgoing calls blocked, you can get your phone company to completely disable the phone so no-one can use it for anything. You might as well, you’re pretty unlikely to ever see it again.

  • you should first talk to your service provider they can help you.

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