I have lost my PIN code and my PUK code,what to do?

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i have a samsoooung phone(so i don t break the terms and conditions of my account,that is why i did misspelings)

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  • When the pin is entered wrong 3 times, it will ask for a PUK (pink unlock key) which you can get without problems when you call customer care. Calling customer service is the only way to get it. Do NOT try to guess it yourself, because after 3-5 times without success it will permanently block/burn the sim which will have to be replaced.

    What you need:

    Your Name

    The phone’s number

    Account holder’s name

    Last 4 digits of Social Security # or password (if there’s an account password)

    You should probably write down the 8 digit number they give you for future use. Once you enter the PUK code, you’ll be required to select a new 4 digit PIN which will become your new pin from then on.

  • Forgot Puk Code

  • take another sim card may be of your friend or family member of the same Carrier

    contact Carrier customer care

    he will ask you about last recharge and code printed on sim card and he will give you a puk code

  • yeah i totally agree with u in calling it a CRAPMABOB!!!!!! omg i totally killed my brand new cell phone before and my parents got really mad at me, because i did that on my nokia flip phone and i killed it by doing that, because i had no idea what a damn puk code was!!! my dad took it back to cingular store and they replaced the “smart chip”, which locks up when you enter the wrong code enough times cuz it thinks somebody’s stealing it. so you have to take your phone back to the store and have them fix it because you killed it, man!!! the same thing happened to me!!! sorry!!!

  • I have lost my PUC code and dont remember and now my phone has been locked so after getting the lock where should i apply it ???

  • cont. your services provider

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