i have lost my sims 2 installation code!! SOMEONE HELP!?

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who has an un-used sims 2 installation code!?

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  • It doesn’t have to be unused to work, i have this installed o my computer and my friend installed it on hers using the same code.

    e47f-bnnc-v4wf-farh-yl9f There ya go, it should definately work

  • Sims 2 Lost Code

  • i can 100% guarantee you that you wont find an UNUSED installation code. when people install their games, the use the code as soon as they install. when they do, they get points to use in the sims 2 store.your only hope of getting an unused code is to simplay buy another game, or you can purchase a new code by going on bing.com and searching on where you need to go to aquire a new code. i think a new code is only like $10

    Source(s): happened to me
  • did any of this work?

    and where would i go to pay the $10 for a new code?

  • you can search in anywhere at google..



    H466 YM93 DNJU HKTC 4B2P


    D2J2 Q92Z R1R1 5F6R 077P


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