i need a girlfriend?

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i just turned 19 and i haven’t had a proper girlfriend and im not too well with the ladies. i just want a girlfriend because everyone i know has one and it makes me feel lonley because they get phone calls during the day from them, it would just feel nice to know someone cares enough about me to call out of the blue (i have a loving family but a relationship feeling). i know im not ugly, i go to the gym and i have an athletic build but i know thats not all that matters i think i have what it takes to attract a girl but i guess its just the confidence thing, im a bit shy. its just a bit hard to meet girls, i do go out but not like every weekend. so, how do i do it? ive wanted one for a good while and its getting fustrating. please help me out here!

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  • Here’s some help for you ese…double check YOUR testicular fortitude…N just LIVE MOON : |

    Feral, take ME for example:

    I’m 27yrs old

    I’m healthy as a horse.

    I USUALLY go to the gym on a daily basis (Good life Fitness)

    Sometimes I go 2wince daily actually. Once in da morning to do some cardio then I go back in da afternoon to get my swell on, U dig?

    I’m a Latino male living in Canada, N I tend to get noticed alot when I’m out in public. The gym that I go to is in da local mall so when I’m there I tend to get noticed ALOT by da ladies.

    Anyways, I DON’+ see ME being single as a bad thing @ all.

    Being SINGLE gives US a chance to better OURSELVES. 🙂

    Besides, the LAST thing I want is to have a GF or a WIFE/ ball N chain (cuz that’s what that marriage ring signifies)

    I ENJOY going to the gym as often as I do…I am now working on building a six pack outta my abs, N I’m really close. Just 1 more week @ da gym N I’ll B there.

    Anyways, you N I can use this as an advantage son, f’real, cuz when IF we ever get GFs we won’t go to the gym as often. We’ll be too occupied with AMUSING the next ex wives. I lost my son to one of my exs already…BIGGEST mistake of my life was to reproduce W a no good puta.

    And having a “mate” means that you will ALWAYS be OCCUPIED TRYING to amuse N please HER…I say F that…I DON’T want this. It MIGH+ mean that if you have a “mate” means that you get more action yes, but this does NOT matter…there will ALWAYS be the NEXT one, N da next one, U dig? SPECIALLY if you take care of yourself by going to the gym often N if you’re not an ugly mo fo like YOU say…so keep your head up son, things could be alot worse…TRUST ME

    (I’m off to da gym now, it’s 7:4o AM here now, da work out is waiting fer me now, besides, I got my abs to go N continue to work on)…PEACE!

  • Gotta let loose mate and stop being shy. It aint doing you any wonders so you have to think out of the box. You may have to improve your communication skills perhaps. Either way I’m sure you can agree that your not trying hard enough and that you need to double your efforts. Clubs are the worst way to find a girl instead try going out with some work friends and meeting some of their mates and just meeting new people in everyday events. Stop working yourself up it’ll happen when it happens,girls can pick up on that sorta anxiety so my advice loosen up abit and just be a nice guy they will see that and you’ll fare much better.

  • Here are tips on How to Get A Girlfriend tinyurl.im/aH0Ex Whether in high school, college, or out of college, when you know what to say and how to say it and how to act to make girls interested in dating you, life becomes a lot easier. It’s not even about your looks either. I’ve seen attractive guys have a hard time getting a girl while an average guy gets a bunch of girls. You just got to know the tricks. Have fun.

  • Confucius says… This is a major topic amongst all teenagers. Gaining confidence is a character building activity. It is advised, that you should have a day particularly spent on talking to random young ladies in the street, or tafe/uni (if you study there) and just try to start and continue conversations. Experience builds confidence, which is what your deffinately lacking in. You should have the thought of mind that you could possibly get any girl, and no girl is too good for you! Studying womens behaviour would increase confidence, so analyse how they interact with you and what they say! And with this advice, i shall bid goodbye my young apprentice, wish you all the luck!

    Wise confucius is always honest and right!

  • RE:

    i need a girlfriend?

    i just turned 19 and i haven’t had a proper girlfriend and im not too well with the ladies. i just want a girlfriend because everyone i know has one and it makes me feel lonley because they get phone calls during the day from them, it would just feel nice to know someone cares enough about me to…

  • from my experience…

    you dont need a girl friend….

    its definitely not as good as it sounds.

    its really awesome to get involved in meaningful conversations and dates with girls. coz they can just see so many things from a different perspective.

    and the physical sh**t… yer thats like a drug man… its soooo good… but the higher you go, the bigger the fall… so yeah

    but having a specific gf….. ergh its just a feeling man… it doesnt last… chase a feeling and end up a lonely c*nt or a player…

    but yer… if you just wanna some booty and pick a lady up… and take her home… theres heaps and heaps of ways to do that. ANY guy can do it… you got a build… phew thats heaps enough… who knows could lead into something more serious… but ive never seen a pickup lead to something serious before. but you never know.

    email me. il send you stuff.

    LOLZ @ despo hes obviously read heaps of stuff.. “the game” which i honestly think is a biased bad book…

  • you sound like you’re just a bit shy, and this is easily resolved compared to other potential reasons. To meet girls you simply make a list of places where it is possible to meet them, unfortunately going to the gym is not often that easy. I would suggest going to a class or two, you will definitely get talking. Salsa classes are virtually speed dating, easy to meet women. Otherwise choose a night course like learning a language. Its a simple strategy, make yourself attractive, and make yourself available to meet some nice girls, you’ll have one within a month.

  • For the best answers, search on this site tinyurl.im/aH0Ex

    I thin you need to think about why you hang out with your ex-girlfriend and why she is hanging out with you… there’s nothing wrong with it, but there might still be some chemistry there and you two are denying it. If that’s the case, you need to rethink things and be fair to these girls.

  • Well you say you go to the gym often..so how about getting to know a few girls there? You’ll have something in common and you can talk to them about things like what sports they’re into and let it flow from there 🙂

    Just walk past a girl and say hi then build on it.

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