I need a list of things that click or could relate to the word click for art & textiles..?

I have been given the word click to base my project around, i am finding it hard to find inspiration for this.

So far i have thought about technology and electrical objects that make a click sound: clock, lighter, buttons on a computer, camera and vehicles etc, clicking fingers, shoes, tongue and metal objects as all metal makes a clinking noise.

I would just like a little help and push for inspiration for this project, i think it would be good to look into animals if you can find any that make a clicking noise but i would like general things that click and something that doesnt actually make a click noise but could link with the word, for example a clique is a group of people with the same interests. You could put a twist on the word click or look into what click means without the noise?

Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated 🙂 x

2 Answers

  • Turn signals

    High heels on a tile floor

    Click the remote for the TV

    Egg timer/game timer


    Lamp switch


    Door clicks shut


    Computer mouse

    Fingernails on a table/counter

  • Yes people that click as a connection. Some blind people make a clicking noise in order to navigate and I am sure there are animals that do that same.

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