I need a sample letter to disconnect the my telephone?

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  • I will draft you check and improve:


    Address of Tel company


    Subject: Request for Disconnection of Telephone Services/Connection

    To whom it may concern,

    Greetings! I would like to request the immediate disconnection of Telephone Services with Reference no:____________________ located at_____________________________.

    Rest assured that all pending accounts will be closed upon disconnection.

    Truthfully yours,

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  • Forms are available in BSNL or MTNL office for disconnection of the telephone. Fill that and submit along with the telephone instrument to the department instead of writing letters.

  • To the bell monopoly company that provides my antique copper line telephone service;

    Since I now have several cell phones, a Magic Jack, Skype, and countless other VoIP services, I no longer need the services of your out dated technology, and request that you immediately disconnect the telephone service to 212-555-1212.

    I also have no need for your “high speed” DSL internet service, since it has been obsolete since the cable companies began offering true high speed internet services, so while you are at it make sure that those services to my line are also disconnected.


    A satisfied cellular / VoIP / cable modem subscriber

  • disconnect internet delay customer care phone your not response my problem i am not satisfied delay 2-3 complete no engineer visit my address so delay problem ap distance 2-3 Km

  • for temporary disconnect my Mobil line due to i am in abroad

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