I need help on my TI-84 Plus! What does ‘RAM cleared’ mean? what can I do to fix this problem? Please help me?

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I need help on my TI-84 Plus!!! When i turn on the screen, it says ‘RAM cleared’. What does it mean and what can i do to fix this problem?? PLEASE HELP ME. I have a test soon, and I’m going to need that calculator!!!

2 Answers

  • “RAM cleared” means what it means—the RAM memory of your calculator has been reset.

    As to what’s causing it, it could be a faulty program, or more likely, your batteries are dying out. The calculator would usually display a message about that, though. Is this message appearing every time you turn on the calculator?

  • Clearing the RAM merely means clearing the memory. once you sparkling it, it deletes all the numbers and problems which you have been merely doing. I often do it each month or so just to maintain each little thing ‘sparkling’ and arranged. you could sparkling it by employing hitting –> 2d + –> 7 –> a million –> 2 wish this enables!

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