I need help on writing an introduction speech comparing myself to an unliving object?

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  • As you turn a crystal and examine it from different angles, the image you see reflected back at you changes. It’s beauty is in it’s almost limitless dimensions.

    Like a beautiful crystal, when you look at me from different perspectives, new and exciting images of who I am begin to emerge.

    Then talk about different ways people could look at you (as a student, as a child, as a sibling, as someone who is interested in X, etc.)

  • Writing An Introduction Speech

  • I am but a handful of dust. I have been gathered together here for but a short time before I will again be scattered by the wind. I am not so different from all the dust of the earth. I am common. Some would look at me and dismiss me as worthless. Yet, within me exists great treasures undiscovered. I am the substance in which rich ideas can be planted and take root. I can be shaped and formed to be usefull in building a future. Without simple dust life would be impossible. I am a simple humble creation that like dust will give my richness in time and then go back to the soil from which I came to again be enriched and replenished so that again I may live out a purpose I may never know or understand. I am gathered together here as you see me before you for only a short time. Far too soon the winds will blow and I will be no more.

  • I am a rock.

    I am a sponge.

    I am a spoon?

    I am a fork.

    I am a pencil.

    I am a bottle of water.

    I am a cup half empty. I am a cup half full.

    I am a rose. Oops that’s living! Well, not after you pulled it out of the ground I guess. Ok, i’m done.

  • You could use the approach of art..a painting of an ocean scene that has so much energy in the colors and brushwork that the tides seem to ebb and flow, or one of Van Goghs paintings…sky scene alive with energy. or a piece of sculpture..Michelangelos Dying slave or the Pieta…art is inanimate…but at the same time can be filled with so much life.

    Michelangelo said that his dying slave already existed within the stone…that god used his hands to reveal it…

  • A house Big, and lots of rooms all used for a different purpose. Kind of like my personallity, lots of different applications.

  • think of some admiral qualities you have, steadfastness, solid, energetic, positive, and find an inanimate object with the same, such as wall, rock, electrons, protons, respectively. Start with yourself, and find objects with your characteristics.

  • You could compare yourself to a brick–sturdy, capable of being many things, well baked and sometimes colorful.

  • Flesh bone and live organisms make up the human body………, continue from there.

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