I need help translating this?

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I was reading Y:The Last Man and this woman said something in what I think is either Hebrew or Arabic (She’s part of the Israeli Army): Sirfi Et Zeh Ad Ha – Yesod. (if it helps, shes burning down a lab).

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  • Yes, it’s Hebrew for “burn it to the ground”, the wording and grammar are correct and all, but it’s not really how a real native speaker would say it.

    The form of the verb “sirfi” is too formal for a soldier-speak. A native girl would say “tisrefi”. Plus Hebrew nouns all have genders, and speaking of a lab should have been “burn her to the ground”, and not “burn it”. So it seems that the author did some research into Hebrew, but not a very deep one.

  • It means “Burn it to the ground” It is hebrew.

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