I need some Rb rice chili brick, Can I get it any where?

I have used this product for 50years, I need it bad.

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  • I’m having the same problem – I want my RB Rice Chili Brick back! So I went to the Sara Lee Foods website and emailed them – here’s the address if you want to do the same – http://www.saralee.com/ourcompany/contact.aspx. I had no idea it was a Sara Lee product until I looked at the package of RB Rice sausage I bought thinking it was the chili brick. Anyway, good luck on your quest.

  • My chili is not the same sense they took R B Rice chili brick off the market.I don’t no whats the problem with Sara Lee Foods not wanting to start back making this product.The people want this chili brick.Put it back in stores so we can make good chili again.

  • R.B Rice replaced into offered out by Sara Lee which grew to grow to be Hillshire manufacturers Which replaced into offered offered by Tyson. Sara Lee and Hillshire Farms are literally owned by Tyson. R.B.Rice sausage can nonetheless be found at Wal-Mart.

  • That’s a great question

  • Dave Reynolds and Cole Williams posted the same question. You should see their answers side by side.

  • When you find it let me know. I use to buy it all the time in Calif. since moving to Arizona have be unable to located it…

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