I need the universal remote control CODE for a matsui television model 14TVDVR1-03?

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My elderly neighbour has just got a freeview box (Goodmans GDR10) and needs a code for the freeview remote so she does not have to still use the tv remote for sound etc. The television model is Matsui 14TVDVR1-03. I have tried the following codes already which have not worked 0037, 0556, 0487, 0009, 0235

Thanks very much

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  • A note of CAUTION, about “Universal” remote controls.

    Even if you DO find the right code, for the t.v., many Universal remotes will NOT accept the code, no matter how many times that the code is entered.

    There are, also, some BRANDS, and MODELS, which are not included, in remote program lists.

    I know it is a hell of a bother, but universal remotes are just not that great.

    These remotes can only change channels, and, MAYBE, control sound.

    The product remote control can access the “Menu”, as well as other options, which universal cannot.

    Sure, it would be nice to have ONE remote, instead of seven or eight, but think about all of the features which you will lose access to.

    Like I said, earlier, I know of people who have spent DAYS re-entering codes, before they either give up, or succeed.

    Just a thought.

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