i want to catch alot of carp from a pond what should i use to catch them i mean i want to catch alot of fish !

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  • How To Catch A Carp

  • You know, alot of people like to catch carp, including myself. It’s not for the eating part but for the fight a 20-50 pounder can give ya. Try catching one on a fly rod and you’ll soon find where your fishing skill levels are.

    To answer the question, bread would be the choice for ponds. You can use alot of stuff like cookie dough, biscuit dough and some home made stuff. Here’s a link to some stuff you can make at home to try out:


    Good luck catchin’.

  • Before I get into the bait you would need proper techniques and rigs to catch them. I would suggest the carolina or slip float rigs in most cases or the catfish rig(hook on bottom and split shot 18 inches on top of hook).You normally have to use light line I use 4-8lbs, unless I am not good at playing fish.Remember to use a small hook for the appropriate fish size. I normally catch 15-24 inchers and I use a small egg #10. Hook size and type depends on the bait you are using if its dough or any soft bait use salmon eggs or treble. If its minnows and worms, use baitholder hooks or livebait hooks. Remember to use the smallest size of tackle that means light weights and smaller hooks. If you see your carp cast it behind him and try to move it into position. Carp will also swim to the swallows during the day, so observe them to see where they are feeding.

  • The cheapest most effective bait for carp I have ever used is Wheaties brand cereal made into doughballs. It works in all conditions. Use a treble hook.

  • I feel a bit like answerer #1. Why?

    However, I must admit. I have eaten “Mudfish & Grits” in the Everglades at an Indian Pow-wow and it was good.

    I imagine if you fillet a carp correctly, cut out the “dark meat”, and soak it in buttermilk for 3-4 hours it might fry-up OK. I’ve never eaten one before.

    And they do fight “OK”. (Although, the ones I’ve caught only “ran” twice and then layed on their sides while I “dragged” them in. The 1st prt of the fight was booyah, the 2nd part was like draggin a 20 LB log through the water! )

    My Q: With as many great gamefish America has to offer WHY fish for one that tastes just “ok”, fights just “ok” and ,at times, can be VERY hard to convince to bite?

    No offence.

    Good luck anyway! Make sure to “buttermilk them”!

  • I fish for carp all the time and have since i was a kid. By far the best bait is corn. Take a can of corn with you and they will bite all night, I promise.

  • https://shorturl.im/axP76

    they are probably not grass carp. l think all states allow bow fishing for all carp including hudge carp. and remember, some of these carp grow pretty huge.

  • Why would you want to catch carp? They are mudsuckers and are not fit to eat.

  • for a farm pond i would use strawberry doughballs or live nightcrawlers or redworms.

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