i was wondering where the line “be still my beating heart” was from.?

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i’m not sure if i worded the line correctly. i initially thought it was shakespeare but i couldn’t find it in romeo and juliet. can someone tell me where it’s from. it’s just bugging i can’t figure it out.

thank you.

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  • It’s from a poem of Mary Elisabeth Coleridge, with the title “All One”.

    Be still, my beating heart, be still!
    There is no hope for thee to-night.
    The fading of the wintry light
    Has made a blackness of the hill.
    Be still, be still, my beating heart!
    For thee to-night there is no fear.
    The moon has risen white and clear,
    And we shall neither meet nor part.
  • Be Still My Heart Shakespeare

  • “be still my beating heart” is shakespear…and first i thought it was from romeo and juliet but it could be something else. it know its shakespear tho. just not sure which play its from.

  • It comes from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”

  • I have a line that is similiar from a song called “My haunted heart” by Jane Monheit.

    “Be still my haunted heart…”

  • do you think its a song from darryll hall and john oates i might be mistaken. i know it is a lyric from a song. bye.onn second thought its a song from (STING)

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