Identify internal components of a computer

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Identify internal components of a computer data processing solid-state drive . power supply graphics card Introduction coolin


If you are looking for mapping items on the right to the
categories on left, please find your answers below, otherwise let
me know if you are looking for something else. Also please note
that some of these components belong to multiple categories, for
example, a RAM can be a data storage device as well as data
transfer device, so if you are allowed to map one device to one
category only, choose the basic option or the one option based on
the context. Thank you.

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1) Solid state drive (SSD) is a data storage device to store
and retrieve data, so it should be put under data storage.

2) power supply, is obviously deals with power transfer to different
parts of the computer.

3) graphics card is used to enhance the graphical performance of
a system, so it can be put under data processing. It contains
memory reserved for improving graphical performance, so it can be
put under data
or data
also (just like RAM).

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4) RAM is a temporary storage device, so it can be put under
data storage
option. It is also used as a data transfer device to
transfer data between permanent storage and the processor.

5) CPU fan, is obviously is a cooling device to cool down
processor and internal components.

6) motherboard is a data processing device,
dealing with controlling and coordinating all the other devices for
data processing function.

7) optical drive is a data storage device

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8) power cords are used for power transfer between

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