If 27.0 g of MgSO4.7H2O is thoroughly heated, what mass of anhydrous magnesium sulfate will remain?

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1 Answer

  • MGSO4 = 120.3 G/ mol

    7H20 = 126 G / mol

    MGSO4.7H2O = 246.3 Grams per mole

    molar mass of Anhydrous MGSO4 = 120.3

    Divide 120.3 by the hydrated mass of 246.3

    SO… Multiply (120.3/246.3) with the mass of sample, which is 27 G, and you get the mass of the sample without the water.

    Mass of sample without water is : ~13.2G

    Source(s): AP Chem 😛

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