If a factory produces 15 cars per hour, how many cars can it produce in eight hours?

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  • 15 x 8 =120

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  • 15 x 8 = 120

  • 15 cars X 8 hours = 120 cars/hour

  • 15 x 8 =120

  • 120

  • That’s an average, right?

    So chances are you’ll average 120 cars in 8 days.

    But that’s not the entire picture, is it? What are the recorded maximums and minimums on an hourly basis? How many workers did the factory have that averages 15 cars per hour? Are there more or less workers at this time?

    Let’s say, for instance, that while the factory AVERAGES 15 cars per hour, but the workers on very motivated days can product 100 per hour. Then, your hourly average might move up a little bit, but the day you look at how many it can produce in eight hours – will blow away your averages – and you’ll have 800 cars produced.

    Now I suspect this is for a simple algebra class you might be taking.

    But always keep in mind that production isn’t always a set, predictable flow and hourly production numbers are nothing more than moving averages taken over a set period of time.

    Make sense?

  • 15*8=120

  • 15 times 8 = 120. Plus or minus 5 is likely.

  • 15*8 = 120 cars.

  • 120

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