if a player hits a solo home run does that count as a RBI?

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  • It would just be a home run. An RBI is when you have a hit and another batter ahead of you touches home. It stands for”Run Batter In”.

  • Yes it does. Even if you get walked or hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, the run will count as an rbi for you.

  • Hey, Guess?, think about it, when a batter hits a grandslam, he gets 4 rbi, yet there were only 3 men on base. yes he gets credit for an rbi with a solo homerun.

  • Yes, it does. If there are runners on base, he gets the RBI’s for the runners on base as well as “driving in” himself. So a grand-slam home run would give the hitter 4 RBI’s.

  • Yes it does because when u score ur self in its a RBI ex. 2 men on if he hits a HR its 3 RBI’s

  • Yeah. If you hit a home run you get an RBI for your own run as well as the runners.

  • Solo Hr and one rbi in the records

  • Yes it does. If you hit a solo home run (no runners on base) then that counts as onr run batted in. If you hit a home run when 1 other runner is on base, you get 2 runs batted in. If you hit a home run when 2 other runners are on base, you get 3 runs batted in and if you hit a home run when the bases are loaded (grand slam) you get 4 runs batted in.

  • Yes because he drove in a run and scored, didn’t he? They same rule applies for grand slams, three-run home runs, two-run homers, and solo shot.

  • Yes, he scores the run but he also batted himself home.

  • Yes, because he batted that run in

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