if fossil is to extinction then puddle is to which word rain, jump, dry, wet?

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  • A fossil can exist without the species being extinct. There could be fossils of a species

    that is still alive and well today, so I don’t think this question is designed very well.

  • Since fossil, extinction, and puddle are all nouns, then the answer must be rain, since it is the only noun in the set.

  • Wet. As a result of.

  • I want to say dry because dry is what kills the puddle just as extinction ended the life you know about from a fossil (a puddle is a fossil rainfall, in a way, that dryness killed off). Really, though, it ought to be dryness (and not dry) because the analogous term ought to be a noun just as in the original (extinction).

    I suspect though, that rain is the answer you are supposed to give. (a puddle is proof that it rained even though not raining now; a fossil is proof that a life no longer in existence did once exist; and besides, rain is the only noun of the choices so the only option of the proper word form). However, rain happens BEFORE the puddle, but an extinction happens AFTER the fossil, so if rain is the expected answer, the analogy is faulty.

    If someone asked me I would argue that none of the answers are any good, because dryness is the only real answer. None of the offered answers fit well. Whoever made that one up is an idiot, can’t even make a simple analogy set correctly.

  • Since an extinction event would create fossils, then likewise rain would create puddles!

  • Rain. Fossils are what is left of something that went extinct. A puddle is what is left from the rain

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