if i got 31 points out of 50 , what is my grade?

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  • No offense meant, but if you do not know how to figure that out, you’ve already failed.

  • Failing. In this case it’s quite simple to figure. Since grades are based on a 100-point scale and you have a possible 50 points, 50*2=100 so 31*2=62 is your grade which where I come from is an “F”

    If you need an open form of this:

    (points earned)/(total points possible)=(grade)/100

  • 31/50

    divide from numerator to denominator:


    move two decimal places to the right:


    insert a percent sign:


    Your grade is 62%.

  • F

    31/50 = 62/100 = 62%

  • 62

  • its 62

  • if i got 33 out 0f 50 points what is my grade

  • yup thats a 62%

  • 62%

  • a D

    Source(s): I’m a teacher.

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