If Rent a Center drug tests you, do they typically hire you?

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I had applied for a sales account representative job at RAC and last week they called to schedule an interview.

I believe the interview went well. I have quite a bit of experience in retail and call center type jobs. He told me he liked my honest answers and that I was ready to work. After the interview process was over, he asked me to wait a moment. When he returned he asked me to go to Lab Corp. to take a drug test.

The very next day, I took the drug test which I’m certain that I won’t have any issues with. I think it’s a little odd that they did a drug screen on the first interview because with all of my previous jobs I have received a job offer first.

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Does that mean that they are more than likely going to hire me? It would be silly to drug test and do background screens on every candidate because it would cost the company a nice little chunk of change it seems.

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  • It’s odd they would PAY to test you if they weren’t going to offer you a job.

    I’d expect to hear from them unless there are some background problems that pop up

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  • Most places don’t bother doing drug tests and physicals unless they plan to hire you. They don’t pay for those tests for every applicant. Sounds like you have a new job as long as you pass the test.

  • Yes, they are more than likely going to hire you, unless the test comes back positive.

  • yes, they wouldn’t go to the expense of a drug test unless they intend to hire you.

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    yes they do

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